Shen's Product and Mission Statement
Shen's Gallery specializes in the 16th to the 20th century high quality Chinese furniture, rare architectural relics, fine collectibles, arts, new and re-designed furniture pieces, fine teas, tea wares, and rare gifts. 

A human's life is complimented and enhanced by its artistic environment. The art object serves as a bridge and a connection to this experience.

At Shen's Gallery, each item we offer is selected among many and bears the aesthetics and the richness of cultural value in human artistic endeavor. Through the connection with these art objects, one unifies one's life's experience with its larger universal context.

We pride the discipline of a high standard in art and enjoy helping customers to find the very special pieces for their homes and collections. 

Customers find the pleasure of shopping at Shen's Gallery by discovering the beauty of art through the exquisite mastery of craftsmanship and design in many items offered as well as the authenticity and the beauty of the art objects brought by time. Attention is also paid to the variety of both the exotic and the rare Chinese softwood and hardwood of which the furniture is made.

Our collection is evolved to meet our client's satisfaction and standard. We constantly strive in offering our customers the best services possible to enhance their shopping experience at Shen's Gallery.
About Shen's Refinishing and General Information

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