• #16149 Antique Ju Wood Ming Style Bench

    Bench and Stool



    Antique Ju wood Ming style bench with hardwood carving; 19th century. 45.5"L x 13"d x 18.75"h

  • #10907 Beautiful 17-18th Century Antique Chinese Ming Style Bai Wood Bench

    Bench and Stool Tea Tables & Low Tables Chinese Furiture ...



    (早清明式绛红椿櫈) This is a beautiful 17-18th century antique Chinese Ming style bench made of rare Bai wood (栢木) with old organic red color pigment made of precious minerals. Although Chinese red is generally made from Zhu-Sha, there is a variation of Chinese red colors used by ancient Chinese craftsmen and artisans based on geographic locations. This beautiful red is probably closer and kind of in between Carmine Red (胭脂紅) and Ruby Red (寶石紅). The bench is a Suzhou style. Although its design is simple, it is well constructed. One can see the classical beaded Dao-Ya spandrels underneath the top are well proportioned and executed perfectly in the right shape. There are some repairs to the bench. Bai wood is among other Chinese woods used during the 17th century for making Ming style furniture pieces. The wood is light in color with subtle grain. When polished, this wood feels like silk with a soft glow and smooth texture. Dimensions: 45 3/4” L x 12 1/2” D x 19 1/2” H

  • #10164 Old Ma-Ja Mongolian Style Folding Stool (Clearance)

    Chair Decorative & Collectibles Chinese Furiture Bench and Stool ...



    Old Ma-Ja Mongolian style folding stool from the early to mid 20th century. As is. Great for carrying to the outdoor!

  • #15588 Pair of Very Rare Antique Rectangular Stools with Old Woven Rattan

    Bench and Stool



    This is a pair of wonderful antique southern Chinese stools made of better and rarer Chinese wood, Ju- Mu and Nan- Mu (Mu means wood), with very rare and refine original old bamboo rattan top intricately woven with delicate patterns. As rattan breaks easy when used as seating, few old Chinese furniture pieces can retain the old bamboo woven seat. A rattan seat is not only cooing for the hot and humid southern summer weather, it is also very comfortable to seat on as a “soft- seat” because of its special seat construction which allows for the “bouncing” from the body. The old bamboo woven seat is visually attractive and adds to the furniture piece a sense of elegance and fineness. The original dark red- brown lacquer of the stools have been stripped to reveal the beautiful grains on the blond wood. Minor losses on the rattan. Dimensions for each stool is:20 1/2"w x 12 1/2"d x 19 1/2"h.

  • #12363 Pair of Antique Wrap Style Square Stools

    Bench and Stool



    Pair of antique wrap style square stools with old salmon/pink color; 19th century. Dimensions: 15"w x 14 1/2"d x 19"h

  • #9317 Ex-Large Size Antique Northern Yu wood Tool Bench

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Large size antique Northern Yu wood tool bench with a center hole on top possibly for rod or tool to go through. Dimensions: 28 3/4"w x 33 1/2"d x 26 3/4"h

  • #12467 Pair of Antique Ming Style Square Stools

    Bench and Stool



    Pair of antique Ming style square stools with original red lacquer Dimensions: 17 1/2"w x 17 1/2"l x 18 1/2"h

  • #15061 Pair of Rare Antique Chinese Walnut Hardwood Square Stools

    Bench and Stool



    Pair of rare antique Chinese walnut hardwood square stools with replaced Rattan seat. The stools are constructed with four legs rounding and joining the aprons, recessed underneath a waist. The stretchers on the four sides on the top were made in the hump-back style with additional spandrels underneath the stretchers. The bottoms of the legs are furtherly supported by four bottom foot stretchers around. These stools were finished with French-Polish style lacquer over the original finish/ color. 150-200 years old. Dimensions: 15 1/2"L x 15 1/2"W x 20 1/2"H

  • #12316 Pair of Stools Inset with Ancient

    Bench and Stool



    Pair of stools inset with ancient "Golden Brick" blocks that were used for imperial flooring. Dimensions (each stool): 20 1/4"w x 20 1/4"d x 20 1/4"h

  • #14947 Early Style Antique Four-Legged Tall Round Stool

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Rare early style antique four-legged tall round stool with double stretchers and spandrels; French Polish finish. As is. Dimensions: 12 1/8"w x 12 1/8"d x 19 1/4"h

  • #14910 A Rare 17-18th Century Ming Style Ju Wood Larger Size Square Stool

    Bench and Stool



    A rare 17-18th century Ming style Ju wood larger size square stool; partial repair in spendral; French Polish finish. Dimensions: 16 1/2"w x 18"h

  • #14905 Small Antique All Ju Wood Carrying Tool Chest Stool with Drawers

    Bench and Stool



    Small antique all Ju wood carrying tool chest stool with carrying strap and drawers. In original unfinished good condition. Dimensions: 16 1/4"w x 9"d x 10"h

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