#15588 Pair of Very Rare Antique Rectangular Stools with Very Fine Original Woven Rattan

This is a pair of wonderful antique southern Chinese stools made of better and rarer Chinese wood, Ju- Mu and Nan- Mu (Mu means wood), with very rare and refine original old bamboo rattan top intricately woven with delicate patterns. As rattan breaks easy when used as seating, few old Chinese furniture pieces can retain the old bamboo woven seat. A rattan seat is not only cooing for the hot and humid southern summer weather, it is also very comfortable to seat on as a “soft- seat” because of its special seat construction which allows for the “bouncing” from the body. The old bamboo woven seat is visually attractive and adds to the furniture piece a sense of elegance and fineness.

The original dark red- brown lacquer of the stools have been stripped to reveal the beautiful grains on the blond wood. Minor losses on the rattan. Dimensions for each stool is:20 1/2"w x 12 1/2"d x 19 1/2"h.
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