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#15287 Old Root Carving

This is an interesting piece of woodwork using both what the nature has to give as well as a cultivated mind and good eyes in determining what is just the right amount of man-made work to add to the piece of material. The whole piece is taken from a section of a tree root that shapes like a Chinese rock landscape. A scholar is carved and added to underneath the tall rock on the upper right. At the bottom on the left, there is a pathway made of steps leading up and through the aged twined tree branches to the mountain path unknown (Detailed photos attached below) .

Root carving is a favorite art for many collectors for Chinese art and it was very popular to the ancient Chinese scholars. One places a rock or landscape like formation, whether composed of wood or real rock, carved or not, on a table or a stand in a room for one's leisurely enjoyment. Such art affords lots of imagination and combines with nature to allow one to indulge in a free roaming world of one's most inner spirit.

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