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#15622 Antique Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Tea Cup Holder Signed with Studio's Name

This is a rather unusual Blue-and-White porcelain ware from the mid 1800's. It is in a somewhat floral shape with four petals or leaves opening in four directions. Inside, in the middle where it holds a cup is painted with a Shou (longevity) design. What's more unusual is the inside paintings of the two longer leaves- each painted with an auspicious bat biting a "Qing" like hanging instrument. The overall painted twined pattern with leaves or branches is often seen on porcelain wares made for a bride as part of the dowry. At old China, in certain origins, sets of paired Blue-and-White porcelain utilitarian wares, sometimes in sets containing seven pairs, were made and painted with the same or similar twined leafy or floral pattern, coupled with painted Double- Happiness characters, were given to the bride as gifts. Such sets can commonly include ginger jars, temple jars, vases, porridge jars, etc. This cup holder is an unusual feature with a studio/ maker's name.

Dimensions: 6"w x 4"d x 1 1/4"h

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