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#17557 Old Japanese Satsuma Bowl in Petal Form with Chrysanthemum Design, Signed

(日本薩摩燒花瓣形陶碗) Here we have a possibly early 20th century Japanese ceramic ware Satsuma bowl in an elegant petal form with thick paste of glaze with a gilt enameled design with chrysanthemum and other flowers and vegetation. The white chrysanthemums are done with a raised surface. The base glaze of the bowl is in an ivory white glaze with tiny crackles. Satsuma ware was quite popular during the late 19 to early 20th century as an export ware to the western market. It is still quite popular and collected by many collectors for late Japanese wares even though the style of the pottery has evolved much differently from the earlier ones. The Satsuma characters at the bottom of this bowl are well executed in hand-written calligraphy with a Shimazu mark above. Although many late Satsuma wares were created with elaborate designs and garish colors, this bowl uniquely has a more subdued presentation with its beautiful shape.

This bowl measures approximately 9” in diameter by 3 1/2” in height.


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