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#17729 Good Qing Dynasty Court Badge of a Kesi Weaving for Military Official (SOLD)

This beautiful antique Chinese court badge is a woven silk textile called Kesi Weaving(緙絲). The tiger or leopard like animal represents a symbol of court status of a third rank military marshal (a leopard is the third ranking officer, while a tiger would be the forth ranking officer in Qing court system). The badges were sewn on the front of the garment at the chest position and at the back as well. The opposite symbol of a marshal would be a bird which represents the literary status.

Kesi (pronounced Ke-Si) is a special type of high art in Chinese weaving where colored silk threads are filled and woven in between the contoured shapes of the objects. The front and the back of the weaving look the same. This technique often creates a sculptural quality visually for the woven piece. A good Kesi weaving is known for its elegant colors and fine detail. This work was primarily produced for the court or the imperial.

The well woven and presented tiger or leopard looks back at a sun or a fire ball with its mouth open, snarling. There are two bats at the top, each biting a Ruyi sector and a wine gourd. At the bottom, there appears to be an auspicious carp rising above the waves. There are also other motifs including various floral patterns, a fan, Wan symbol, sword, flute, as well as Ling-Zhi pattern (medicinal mushroom) in shades of blue all over. Kesi weaving is rare and is highly sought after by Chinese art connoisseurs and museums.The composition of the design on this badge is well organized, presenting a clean and harmonious image with all the elements. This badge is in good condition and is professionally framed in nice complimenting fabrics matting and beautiful black-and-gilt wooden frame.

Dimensions (with frame) are approximately 20" x 19"

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