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#17732 Pair of Qing Dynasty Blue-and-White Tea Cups with Lid with Calligraphy Poem

Pair of Qing Dynasty Blue-and-White Tea Cups with Dome Shaped Lid with various famous Poems written all over the outside and the inside of the cups and the lids. For example, the poem at the bottom and inside of each cup (see detail photo) is written with two phrases (此夜曲中聞折柳,何人不起故國情) which came from a famous four-phrase poem (春夜洛城聞笛)by the famous TangDynasty poet Li-Bai ,李白(also pronounced Li-Bo). The poem describe the poet in Luo-Yang city (He-Nan province in northern China) during the travelling, hearing a beautiful flute music of a song of departure coming out of nowhere at night, hence, the lyrical music lead the poet to become home sick. With mark at the bottom as well. These elegant cups will make a wonderful companion for tea drinking while keeping the tea hot longer.

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