The digital drawing presented here, “Lounge”, is an abstract one, one that I did by accident and really liked afterwards. What I like about it is that it has no limitation of anything-either the shape, the make, and even the feeling of it, because one can barely confine it to a shape, neither is one able to make something logical out of it.

Often I have created furniture pieces that are practical and useful for the clients and felt good and took pride when they worked for the clients or when I received praises from the clients-how much they loved these pieces.

But nothing satisfied me more than merely seeing a design or something that strikes my fantasy or speaks to my heart without the object or the event needing to be anything logical or explainable. This direct contact of human’s choice of preference did not root in a pure and blind sensational level of instinct for me. Rather, it was based on years of contact and training with millions of views and observation with these art objects. 

This precious long-time informational and sense-cultivating training and experience I have obtained in antique Chinese woodwork and other art objects have become an important foundation for my design work.    

I often imagine myself waking up at night, walking in an unfamiliar place or a field, feeling the sensation of the wind on my skin, the smell and the feel of the grass under my bare feet, and the feeling of being in a vast space where and when I don’t need to rush to be somewhere or to meet anyone, when I only need to be where I am, emerged in the vast freedom of boundlessness with a clear sense of and mind of where I am. This is what I call creativity and freedom.


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