In this section, the photos shown include my furniture designs from the recent years that have received the following furniture design awards from the Design Journal Magazine’s ADEX Awards. 

Three Awards (Platinum, Gold, & Silver) were given each year by this magazine to the design excellences in each category related to product and interior design.

FDS-01 (2008 Platinum)  FDS-02 (2008 Gold)   FDS-03 (2008 Silver)  

FDS-05 (2009 Platinum)  FDS-08 (2009 Gold)   FDS-06 (2009 Silver) 

FDS-20 (2010 Platinum)        FDS-18 (2010 Gold)

Most of the furniture pieces I have designed or designed in the past were influenced by, mainly, the traditional style Chinese furniture with a little bit concept of design I have obtained from the old Japanese furniture and artwork.

Since 1984, I have visited China on countless buying trips. In my article “From the Dream Land to the Reality” written in 2005, it stated the condition and the more complex way of finding and purchasing these antique pieces from the finds in the small, less traveled towns or areas to exporting them out of China during the early years.

During those early years, resources were plentiful when there were fewer restrictions in exporting furniture and furniture related decorative items as China had just opened its economy doors to the whole world. What was more challenging was the travel itself, in finding the right places to look for the best selections, and in figuring out the most appropriate procedures in shipping these items through then establishing pathways.

Furniture refinishing was also one challenge during the early days as small wood factories arose for the need of the western buyers. New western esthetics demanded these less experienced factories to learn new ways of refinishing to meet the western standards of look and style as well as functions in terms how these furniture pieces can be used or useful at the modern western homes following the ever-changing esthetics in trends.

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