#BAM-01 Qing Dynasty Xiang-Fe Bamboo Cabinet Made of Complex Latticework

This is a pretty incredible large size antique Chinese bamboo cabinet made of rare Xiang-Fe Bamboo (香妃竹 or 湘妃竹) with the natural varying dark spots on the bamboo like that of tears from the famous beauties. Although there are re-produced bamboo furniture pieces available, few authentic antique Chinese bamboo furniture pieces survived the time. This 19th century cabinet, though is missing some of its geometric shape designs, like the round circle at the upper open space, is exceptionally constructed with complex lattice style work with knotted ties as well as bamboo pegs, fitted, and bent joinery. It is overall in good condition without replacements. We do have a couple of the original parts for the geometric shapes that we still need to attach to the piece.

In the close-up photos, one really can see how beautiful the aged patina of the bamboo, the beautiful tear drops on the surface, as well as the sophisticated knotting used.

The word of “Xiang” can both mean “fragrant, 香” or “Hunan province, 湘” where this bamboo was/ is grown along with some other areas in China.

Unlike southern Chinese bamboo furniture pieces which were made of other types of bamboo grown in the tropical and sub-tropical climate, furniture made of Xiang-Fe-Zhu bamboo (Zhu, bamboo, 竹) supposedly will not rot. Also, because bamboo furniture in general comes apart and gets loose easier than wooden furniture, for every several thousand pieces of antique Chinese wooden furniture pieces found, there might only be one or a few pieces of antique Chinese bamboo furniture pieces can be found, not to mention the antique bamboo furniture pieces made of this specialty bamboo with natural tear drop like design.
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