#BAM-02 A Rare Early Bamboo Square Table with Fine Huali Hardwood Top & Drawer Face

(蘇式帶花梨板四方竹桌)This graceful bamboo table with a literati style flavor is fitted with a refine Huali hardwood (花梨木)on the top and on the drawer faces as well. Geographically, it might have come from Suzhou (蘇州)or nearby area. This table is interesting, not only because we rarely see an old Chinese table constructed with both bamboo and hardwood as its primary materials, but also because of its unusual design. Essentially, one can say it's a wooden table, using bamboo for all its supporting parts, or one may say it's a bamboo table, composed of a bamboo body or frame with a wooden cover on the top. Of the latter, this table has the same construction as some of the early old Chinese wooden tables with a wooden frame composed underneath a wooden table top. In the construction of these earlier tables made of wood, the bottom frame still holds itself as a secured unit out of its special internal tongue-and-grooved (榫頭)joinery with its specially designed outer parts that cohesively inter-connect with each other and hold the connecting internal joinery. This whole structure of “locking” system is unique to the older Chinese furniture pieces as it's the soul and the base its aesthetics develops from. Although the bamboo furniture can be constructed with parts connected differently from the wooden furniture pieces, but the concept is the same.

The “Huali” hardwood on this table has a very refine grain and texture. So, it might be of a special variety. In Chinese terms, “Huali,花梨木”, “Hong-Mu,紅木”, and “Rosewood,玫瑰木”are among ones that hold a variety of variation in the wood itself and are often used for either a specific type of hardwood or as a general term for a specific group of hardwood.

Worth noting is the design of the double bamboo stretchers and supports above the drawers and underneath the table top. Not only does this design give the table the additional support for the weight of the table top, but it also brings the height of the drawers to a more delicate proportion that matches the flavor of the table.

The dimensions of the table are not available at the time of writing, but this table is likely to be around 30ish inches in width and depth.

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