#BAM-20 Antique Bamboo Bird Cage Carved with Calligraphy Poem

This old bamboo bird cage has the kind of wonderful natural old patina that is unique to the bamboo material. The calligraphy poem is carved in two phrases and reads from the right to the left with the right phrase describing a mountain scene (from a viewer's eye) with a bird singing in a hanging cage possibly in the spring or summer time when all is green and blossoming. The left phrase describes a water scene with green water rippling through while the fish swims and jumps in the waves.

Chinese couplets are often created with one full phrase corresponding to the other one, and often word to word or partial phrase to partial phrase, in meaning.

This bird cage is fitted with one antique poly-chrome porcelain feeder as well as two blue-and-white porcelain feeders from the 17-18th century.

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