#HAR-04 (HHL) Early Qing Antique Square Tall Table Made of Exotic Huanghuali Hardwood

This simple early Qing antique square tall table made of exotic Huanghuali hardwood is a beautiful one. Although the design seems simple and plain, its unique proportions with the much higher legs and relatively smaller top for the size of the table gives this table an unique and unusual appearance, one that conveys a sense of refine and quiet beauty in a non pervasive way. The unaltered, unfinished surface of the wood with its original patina developed through time fits perfectly with the character of this table. The four legs show slightly worn and faded colors at the bottom of the feet as they should be. The top of the table is unusually constructed with a double floating- paneled frame, inserted with a sheet of original old burl wood which has an old crack running through. Chinese Ming and early Qing furniture pieces separate themselves from other ordinary ones for their timeless, simple, yet unspoken sophisticated design, may it be subtle.

Dimensions: 30 5/8”W x 30 5/8”D x 32 ½”H

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