• #16150 Pair of Antique 4 Protruding Head Style Yu Wood Arm Chairs

    Chair Chairs ...



    Pair of Antique 4 Protruding Head Style Yu Wood Arm Chairs; Scholar Style Each chair: 21"w x 22"d x 44"h

  • #16597 NEW ARRIVAL Antique Square Low Stool with Bamboo Slat Top with Old Lacquer

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique square low stool with bamboo slat top made of heavy wood; with rare original dark red lacquer. This stool is made with heavy wood; possibly hardwood. 12"w x 12"d x 12"h

  • #16569 NEW ARRIVAL 19th Century Barber's Tool Chest and Work Bench

    Small Cabinet and Chest Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    (清代核桃木理髮匠工具櫈) This is a 19th century barber’s tool chest and work bench made of both Chinese walnut hardwood and northern Chinese elm with rare original red color pigment made of organic precious ground mineral that is rarely seen on this type of work bench. This chest measures 17.5” in height which allowed the barber to cut the client’s hair at a comfortable height with the hands when a client sat at the bench. The small drawers at the front and the side stored scissors, combs, loose change, and other necessary items for performing the job and doing business. Sometimes some other similar pieces might have metal loops which allowed the chest/ bench to be tied and carried when traveling place to place for work. the bottom of this stool/ chest are carved on both sides with auspicious symbols such as pomegranate and floral design. A good part of Chinese woodwork was used to create life’s necessities, including utilitarian wares used as everyday objects as well as pieces for special needs, such as this one. This chest has some replacements in wood, nevertheless, it is quite beautiful and unique in its triangular form. It measures 22 ¼” long, 17 ½” high, and 10 ¼” deep with its tapered legs.

  • #16149 Antique Ju Wood Ming Style Bench

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Ju wood Ming style bench with hardwood carving; 19th century. Refinished. Minor cracks on the top, as is. 45.5"L x 13"d x 18.75"h


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