• #17009 Small Old Brass Ink Storage Box with Carved Poem by Scholar Chen Ji-Ru

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    (手刻陳繼儒詩詞舊銅印盒)This is a small old brass ink storage box with hand-carved poem from famed Ming Dynasty scholar “Chen Ji-Ru, 陳繼儒”. The phrases come from 小窗幽記 (translated here as “meditation under the small window” ) and are translated as below: “帶雨有時種竹, 閉門無事鋤花, 拈筆閒刪舊史, 汲泉初試新茶” -陳繼儒,明。小窗幽記。 “Sometimes bamboo is planted in the rain. After the gate is closed, I was bored as to dig for planting the flowers. At an ease, I took a brush and stroke out the sentences from the old book. Cooking with the water obtained form the spring, I taste the first new tea of the year.” “New Tea, 新茶,Xin-Cha” traditionally refers to the teas harvested and made before the raining season during the Qing-Ming-Jie (清明節)holiday. Qing-Ming-Jie is a special and important Chinese holiday which is in March on the Lunar calendar and is usually around April 4th, 5th, or 6th. This year the Qing-Ming-Jie is on April 4th. It's a major holiday for the Chinese families to get together to worship ancestors by visiting their graves (掃墓 ) and often incorporates other activities including hiking in the nature (踏青,踏春) as it is the beginning of the spring time when all the old ends and the new begins to grow. It's a holiday with a deep root in ancient Chinese culture in combining the worshiping (for the human) with the respect for the nature (and as part of the nature) into “one (天人合一)”。“New Tea” often is considered by the tea connoisseurs to be the best tea of the year, primarily referring to green teas, such as Long-Jing Tea (龍井), and semi-green teas, such as Oolong tea (烏龍茶). Dimensions: 4" x 2 3/4" x 1 1/8"

  • #16786 Old Hand Carved Shou-Shan Stone of Group of Figures

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    (壽山石雕道教神仙擺飾)This is an interesting old hand-carved group figures of a Shou-Shan stone (壽山石). The stone might be a type of Fu-Rong-Shi (芙蓉石), but not of a refine quality. The figures are all carved with wonderful facial expressions and postures. There are two male and one female figures in the group who appear to be some kind of Daoist immortals, possibly drunken, climbing on the steps to the top of the cliffs where a pagoda rests. The female at the bottom is holding a Ruyi (如意)type of sector, the male next to her holding a duster (拂塵). It's not clear what the man on the top of the stairs holds. Age unknown. Dimensions: 5 1/4“W x 5 3/4” H x 3 1/4” D.

  • #17013 Antique Chinese Bamboo Woven Stacking Container

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    (清代帶菊花舊銅扣三層竹編盒)This is a wonderful antique Chinese bamboo woven stacking container. It is entirely constructed of bamboo with thick black lacquer inside and is very light in weight. It has a beautiful hand-forged brass plate that shapes like a chrysanthemum flower on the top of the lid with a loop. It is lacquered inside within each tier and also underneath the lid. This might be a food container with thick lacquer to prevent the liquid or moisture from seeping through the woven bamboo. Dimensions: 8 1/2” in diameter and 10”in height.

  • #17086 Pair of Silver Plated Copper Box made with Antique Blue and White Painted Porcelain Shard

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    Pair of Silver Plated Copper Box made with Antique Blue and White Painted Porcelain Shard Vintage silver-plated copper box inlaid with Antique Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Shard from broken old Chinese pottery such as vase or jar. Each piece of these shards is different from others; no two pieces are the same. the boxes were made in the 80's and 90's, but most of the shards are from the 1800's. Some are older and some are form the early 20th century. A great collector's item as well as for gifts! The pair is rarer because it has to come from a pair of old pottery. (Each) 5.25"w x 7"d x 2.5


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