• #19646 Small Antique Ningbo Style Side Chair with Nan-Guan-Mao Back Rest (4th of July Sale)

    Chair Chinese Furiture ...



    Small Antique Ningbo Style Side Chair with Nan-Guan-Mao Back Rest and Good Detail. This lovely chair, seemingly simple in design, is well constructed with many curves and rounds around its hand-carved solid rails and posts, forming a sophisticated design and look. This chair is made of a good southern cypress that is dense and similar to cedar. The inlaid wood on the back rest is Ju wood, southern elm, while the three well executed little decorative front supports underneath the seat are likely made of yellow box wood, a rare Chinese hardwood primarily used for statue carving and ornaments on furniture pieces. Similar ornaments can be seen on some tea tables, day beds, tables, and other furniture pieces from Ningbo area. This chair is solid and elegant and makes a statement for any corner of any room in a home. Over 100 years old. In good condition. Dimensions: 15 1/4" W x 12 3/4" D x 31" H

  • #21392 Antique Two-Section Wide Painted Wedding Cabinet with Butterfly Brass (4th of July Sale)

    Larger Armoire and Cabinet Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Two-Section Extra Wide Gilt Painted Red Wedding Cabinet with Large Butterfly & Circular Brass Fittings. This cabinet with original red lacquer and faded gilt painting probably came from the Fujiang area in southern China. Though made of pine, this cabinet with the costly red and gilt colors and the expensive large brass work came from a family with lucrative income. Ample storage space inside with two shelves and drawers. 19th century. Dimensions: 53 1/2" L x 20 1/2" W x 74 1/2" H

  • #20196 Antique Carved Deep Altar Cabinet with Rare Early Animal Motif (4th of July Sale)

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Carved Deep Altar Cabinet with Rare Early Animal and other auspicious motives, including: horses, large bird, deer, flower with vase, Buddhist's "Wan" symbol, etc. It has a shelf inside. This northern cabinet made of Yu wood (northern elm) probably came from Shangdong province area and had a dark lacquer finish before being stripped down to light blonde color. Over 150 years old, probably older. Dimensions: 42" L x 27" W x 42 1/2" H

  • 21383 Antique Chinese Red Lacquer Carved Child's Keeper with Latticework (4th of July Sale)

    Tea Table and Low Table Chinese Furiture Specialty Item ...



    Antique Chinese Red Lacquer Carved Child's Keeper with Latticework. This is a particular beautiful one, very unusual with "Double-Happiness" character in its lattice composition for a bride as part of her dowry to accompany her life with the husband's family. French Polish finish over original organic color pigments. 19th century. This beautiful carte or case keeps the child safe while freeing mother to do her other house chords! With a glass top, this could be a beautiful end table in a modern decor! Dimensions: 19 1/4" x 19 1/4" x 23" H


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