#9996 Antique Large Size Extra Tall Red Lacquer Cabinet with Rare

An excellent extra tall early style antique tapered Ju wood cabinet well constructed with single-board panel doors in original red lacquer made of ground organic mineral; with a rare original character of Fu (Blessing) written at the back of the cabinet (to bless the home).

Lacquered cabinets were not usually made with good wood, being covered with thick lacquer on the surface. This one is an exception. It shows the mannerism in which good material, good craftsmanship, and design often go hand-in-hand.

This cabinet originally came from near Shanghai area where more Ju wood furniture pieces were available. Though not an unusual style, this cabinet made of Ju wood has a better built with much taller and better styling in design compared to other ones with similar style but made with pine, fir, and other more common and cheaper wood that came from other areas.

Cabinets made with each door with a single-panel insert (inserted into the "Floating-Panel frame structure") are better built as these panels won't show the cracks like the ones with each door inserted with several or more than one panel in each of the door frame.

Dimensions: 45"w x 24"d x 88"h
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