#9995 Rare 18-19th Century Gilt Painted Red Lacquer Cabinet Made with Zhu-Sha Mineral

清中早期畫金漆朱紅平面大櫃 This older and larger size antique northern Chinese gilt-painted red lacquer cabinet is constructed with a “Flat-Front, 平面” “Four-Cornered, 四角方櫃” style with a deeper pocket compartment that is almost one third of the full height of the cabinet in ratio. The whole cabinet is lavishly covered with very thick red lacquer pigment made primarily from the Zhu-Sha (朱砂)mineral material with thick coats of black lacquer underneath the red. On the red surface, some repaired, it is painted with a combination of techniques with different shades of gold by filling in the gold after a black lacquer drawing had been drawn first for the contour shapes as well as applying the gold substance directly onto the red surface in a brush painting style on some parts of the painting. This cabinet with bold and striking color pigments that remain to be incredibly vivid and “alive” is graced by time with many depths of texture that reveal different colors and process of its impressive lacquer working. This older and rarer cabinet is possibly from the 18th century, while some others with painted lacquer can possibly be from the late 19th to the early 20th century period with more simplified lacquer work. Cabinet like this one with such lavish and costly material and work can only come from, outside of palace, a prominent family.

Dimensions: 46 1/8” W x 21 1/4” D x 73” H
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