#7481 Rare Pair of Antique Hat Chests with Original Extra Large Old Brass Fittings

Beautiful rare pair of antique hat chests with the original extra-large old brass plates and the original thick old brass hinges with green patina. Purchased from the old Beijing Arts & Crafts in the mid 1980's. This was the only pair stored in their basement at the time with all other
antiques and old crafts. This pair has been in Shen's
collection for many years until recently brought to our showroom. The original darkish brown lacquer had been lifted to reveal the beautiful wood grain of the Northern Chinese elm.

Beijing Arts and Crafts had been the largest government entity for the communist China for selling to foreigners arts and crafts until China's free economy took stage in the 1980's. This pair of unusual cabinets signifies the ending of an old era of China's economy and social structure.

Dimensions: Each measures 45 3/4"w x 22 1/2"d x 81"h
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