#7158 Pair of Excellent Antique Carved Ju Wood Cabinets with Old Fitting

A pair of excellent antique Ju wood cabinets from Ningbo area with doors carved with full-length peony flower branches in a flowing style in a relieved carving technique with original old lacquer finish, fitted with very large size old brass fittings in openwork. The carved peony flowers represent the nobility and wealth and were once painted in gilt. One can imagine how such lavish work on this pair of large cabinets made of all Ju wood once graced and impressed a fine home! French Polish finish over the original lacquer.

Ju wood furniture pieces are sought after by connoisseurs of Chinese furniture. It is the number one wood used outside of the costly Chinese hardwood. Ju wood furniture has been dated to 17th century. Good antique Ju wood furniture pieces with good design and workmanship are hard to find, not to mention a pair of large cabinets like this. In Chinese art, a pair of objects are valued much more than two single different pieces together.

Dimensions: 42 1/4"w x 22 1/2"d x 67 3/8"h for each cabinet.
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