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#10265 Contemporary Coffee table Designed by April Shen

This coffee table made of Northern Chinese Elm was designed in March 2009 and produced by China’s wood factory in April 2009.

This dark wood color table is simple, elegant, with a flare of romanticism in a simple band of carved vegetation on four visible sides of the thick tabletop.

The four rounded shape legs follow the classical Chinese style, recessed under the single-board style tabletop.

This is a straight, right to the point design, and an affordable piece to fit for any simple or elaborate décor, with just a bit of the feminine feel in its rectangular structure.

The free style carving with a continuous band of peony flowers and leaves is very well executed.

The square construction with the rounded shape legs came from the ancient Chinese belief and philosophy in “Sky being the round, land being the square”. In a different interpretation, it portraits the ancestral desire for a harmonious universe.

This table has been produced in both the dark wood color and the honey-oak wood color in the square and the smaller rectangular size for the compact space.

Dimensions: h:18" x w:32" x d:32"

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