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#18459 Pair of Contemporary Pale-Celadon Glazed Garden Stools

Pair of Contemporary "Ying-Qing" (Pale-Celadon) Glazed porcelain Garden Stools produced in good quality. "Ying-Qing" is a type of glaze with pale celadon color that is almost white. It is alsocalled "Shadowy celadon". Thsi glaze derived from Song Dynasty with work from the period that represents the height of Chinese porcelain work. The similar glaze is still produced on modern Chinese porcelain today.

This pair of garden stools certainly makes beautiful addition to any home that needs just a little touch of elegance in Chinese flavor! it totally can fit into a modern decor with its traditional yet timeless design.

Dimensions: 18 3/4" H x 11 1/2"D

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