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#17936 20th Century Hardwood Round Wooden Stool with Painted Porcelain Top

20th Century Round Wooden Stool Made of Exotic Hardwood with Painted Porcelain Top. This beautiful stool is made in the traditional joinery with only tong-and-groove with its beautiful and well made tied twined-and-curved open design. It is made of a very dense Huali type of Chinese hardwood with excellent grain. the porcelain on the top is hand-painted with colorful figures. The whole stool sits on a base with small feet. This elegantly designed stool with excellent material will also work as a nice small table next to a chair or a couch to brighten your home! All appropriately refinished and repaired to excellent condition.

Dimensions: 18" H x 12 1/4" Diameter (top) & 15 1/4" Diameter (middle)

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