#RFT-01 Pair of Large Size Ming Dynasty San-Cai Glazed Roof Tile Dragon Heads

This is a pair of larger size Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644 ) roof-tiles with dragon head out of five or six different pairs of similar subject from Shen's Special Collection in roof-tile. Chinese colors have long been created with minerals and vegetation. “San- Cai glaze” (Three- Colors glaze ) , like the glaze on this pair of roof-tiles in the photo, has long been used for pottery and figures since ancient time in China. It peaked and made its name during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 907-960) for objects such as Tang horses.

Roof- tile pieces with dragon motif were originally used on the roofs of ancient imperial palaces and temples for the myth and the purposes of being able to bring more rain as well as for decoration and for the purposes of showing the status of these buildings.

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