#RFT-02 Four-Sectional Tri-Color Glazed Dragon and Phoenix Rooftile

This incredibly beautiful massive size single four-sectional Dragon and Phoenix roof-tile was created and fired in separate sections with Tri-Color style glaze. Its elaborately handmade clay design is among the best. This roof-tile came from the rooftop of a prominent 17-18th century building.

In ancient time, according to legend, a city was destroyed by thunders. Buildings were burned down by fire. Afterwards, dragon tiles were created and installed on the rooftop of the building with a lightning rod to partially induce the thunder off the building. Dragons were believed to have supernatural powers, such as the ability to bring water and rain.

For old Chinese buildings with dragon roof-tiles, layered roofs were created to house different styles and scales of dragons serving different meanings according to different designs. They were often created in pairs.


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