#RFT-11 Ming Dynasty Carved San-Cai Glazed Tile of A White Crane with Lotus

(明代白鶴蓮花三彩磚)This is one out of several in a series of old wall tiles with white crane and lotus plant design. The crane is created in an interesting position as if hovering over or more correctly embracing the large lotus plant with the lotus pod and flower bud shown. The twist of the neck of the bird, looking towards the left, adds a nice touch and flavor to the flattened out body and wings for the design. This elegant tile and others in the series possibly came from Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) or earlier. The size of each tile is roughly about one and a half feet long with variation of the gestures from the crane.

Crane is considered an elegant and auspicious bird of peace and longevity in Chinese culture. It is also a favorite subject for many writers and painters since ancient China. Among the work,黃鶴樓, the Pavilion of the Yellow Crane, written by the fame Tang Dynasty poet 崔顥(Cuei Hao)704-754, is among famous Chinese lyrical style literature work that expresses one's internal feeling and idealistic spiritual pursuit through the writing or description of the outer beauty of the nature.

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