#ANC-029 Rare Early Style Antique Ancestral Painting with a Court Figure

This beautiful antique Chinese ancestral painting shows a court figure sitting on a throne draped with a tiger fur. The badge at the front of the robe with birds reveals that this is a scholar type of court official rather than a military one whom would have been presented with a tiger motif on the badge instead. The style of the black hat and the tiger fur on the throne together further suggest the important status of the person. The robe is beautifully painted with a striking orange red that came from ground precious stone or mineral. On the robe, one sees peony flowers and Ling-Zhi medicinal mushrooms intertwining in the clouds, painted with the lighter and the dark shadows in color. This painting can possibly be dated to early to mid Qing or earlier. Older ancestral paintings, compared to those more commonly seen from the 19th century or late Qing period, are rare.

Antique Chinese ancestral painting is a special art of its own. It was very popular during the Qing and the late Qing Dynasty until photography became popular in the 20th century in China.

Dimensions: 32" W x 66.5" H x 1.25" D

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