STN-241 Carved Three-Sectioned Ancient Stone Long Bench w "Continuing"Design

(明或早清刻延年長石凳 ) This is the side view of the top of a very long ancient Chinese stone bench, possibly from the 17th or 18th century. The bench is composed of three sections: the horizontal top that is probably 5, 6 feet long or longer, and the two short pedestals to support the top. The carved design is a “continuing” design. If one traces the design with one's finger from the bottom up, the design never breaks until the end of the bench. This type of continued design stemmed from Chinese philosophy that people, heaven, and earth are one unity as the universe cycles in its own cycle, never ceases.

This piece is part of Shen's vast collection of ancient Chinese stone objects that are mostly architecturally based. This collection can offer great opportunity in studying ancient Chinese architecture, art, design, Chinese philosophy, and culture.

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