#12826 Rare Antique Yu Wood Carrying Shrine Stand with Old Orange Lacquer

Rare antique old Yu wood carrying shrine stand with old orange lacquer and constructed with rare Ba-Wan-Chen style joinery and old gilt brass fitting.

Once in a while, we found old furniture pieces with old paint that is not a traditional color for Chinese furniture. Some of these old yet odd colors, such as bright blue, ivory white, orange, etc., appear to be in the range of 40-50 years old rather than being painted recently to look like antique from modern day. It is possible that they might be furniture pieces being painted bright to disguise its antiquity during the Cultral Revolution (1966-1976), or that these furniture pieces were simply painted with bright color for the desire to have a modern look.

The old gilt brass fitting on this piece is rare and similar gilt brass fitting can be found occassionally on some of the older furniture pieces from the more inland area in Northern China as well as on some of the Tibetan furniture pieces.

Dimensions: 19"w x 19"d x 30 1/2"h
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