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#14925 Small 18-19th Century Low Altar Table with Rare Beautiful Carved Motifs

This beautiful small size 18-19th century antique Chinese Yu wood low altar table/ stand with pedestal style feet has a beautiful and rare carved open work in Shou (Longevity) character in a cursive style script as well as the carved Buddhist's "Wan" symbol on the inserted side panels of the pedestals (see detailed photo below). The feet, the posts of the pedestal frame, joins the single- board top panel, pegged and fitted inside and further supported by the stretchers and the spandrels on the two sides, forming an interesting arrow shape design outside. The base of the pedestal feet are also carved with a simple and elegant pomegranate design at the arch. This piece still retains the original dark lacquer finish and old patina.

Dimensions: 39 3/4"w x 7 1/2"d x 11 1/8"h

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