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#13696 A Rare Carved Antique 17-18th Century Northern Long Cabinet

This rare carved antique 17-18th century northern antique Chinese Lian-San (three-drawers-in-a-row) cabinet with the carved vase-and-floral design on the doors is more sophisticated and with better craftsmanship than other more commonly seen Lian- San style cabinets. The side wings are carved with marvelous dragons. The intricate carved design on the faces of the drawers is composed of stylized dragon movement with a rare Ming floral sun flower motif that opens in full blossom. Such cabinet offers ample storage as well as additional counter space. Both the make of the single-board panel style doors without the construction of the “Floating- Panel” frame and the use of the iron fitting rather than brass are more commonly seen in northern Chinese furniture pieces, especially from the more inland area. One can still see traces of the organic red color pigment on the carved face of the drawers. This cabinet has been refinished with layers of clear lacquer.

The vase-and-floral motif on the doors symbolizes "peace and harmony" and is often seen on Chinese woodwork and in Chinese paintings.

Dimensions: 59"w x 21"d x 34"h

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