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15146 Rare Antique Northern Chinese Coffer Style Cabinet with Painted Eight Immortals

This possibly early to mid Qing Dynasty northern antique Chinese coffer style cabinet is hand- painted with Daoist Eight Immortals on the four doors with nicely carved stylized dragons in a grayish dark blue color as the decoration for the wings, all painted in organic color pigments made of ground minerals, semi- precious stones, and vegetation. The elaborately carved floral patterns on the two drawers look to be similar to the ones from the Shanxi area. Each figure is painted on a panel recessed inside a frame work- a common construction for many of the northern cabinets. The metal fitting is iron rather than those made of brass on the southern and coastal furniture pieces. This one has been refinished in a light clear lacquer finish and is in excellent condition.

Folk furniture piece like this one has its own charm in a way both naive and beautifully colored. Chinese home furnishing is a large category with huge variety in Chinese art and antique, showcasing different local areas where people lived with unique different cultures.

Dimensions: 45.5"L x 20.5"D x 35.5"H

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