• #18580 Good Antique Medium Size Two-Door Cabinet

    Larger Armoire and Cabinet Chinese Furiture Small Cabinet and Chest ...



    Good Antique Medium Size Two-Door Cabinet with original dark reddish brown color lacquer; with old fitting. This cabinet is great to fit into any space that can only accommodate furniture piece with a narrower depth. It has beautiful lacquer color that is rich and vibrant as well. Recently repaired and refinished. In excellent condition. Dimensions: 32 1/4" W x 15 7/8" D x 52 1/8" H

  • #18411 Antique Ningbo Carrying Style Two-Door Chest with Bone Inlay on Hardwood Doors

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Carrying Style Two-Door Chest with Lovely Bone Inlay in flower motif on the Hardwood Doors. There are two metal handles on the sides of the chest. This is somewhat of an unusual style for this type of furniture coming from Ningbo area as you see this type of inlay work on hardwood doors more commonly on cabinets and beds rather than a chest with carrying handles. Furniture with bone inlay work on hardwood surface, most on Hong-Mu, is a local characteristic of woodwork in Ningbo area. while bone-inlay is not usually as refine and detailed as other inlaid work on yellow boxwood, ivory, jade, etc. because the harder and more porous nature of the material, one can still enjoy the folk quality of the work with a different style and flavor that is direct, sometimes naive, and often very alive and moving in nature. The fitting on the doors have been replaced. Dimensions: 19 1/8" H x 30 1/8" L x 16 1/4" W

  • #18242 Antique Ming Style Tapered Blonde Cabinet

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Ming Style Tapered Blonde Cabinet from Ningbo area in China. This cabinet has an interesting Chinese name. it is called “大小頭櫃, Da-Xiao-Tou-Guei, big & small head cabinet" by the local people, referring to its tapered shape. This one has replaced brass fitting. It has been beautifully refinished recently with a nice matte finish and is in very good condition. The inside does not have a shelf, but one can be installed. This cabinet makes a great bedside cabinet, offering nice storage and ample counter space. Cabinets like this one was very popular in the west during the 90's and early 2000's. They are now hard to find as local sources have dried out. Dimensions: 31 1/2" L x 21 5/8" D x 31 1/2" H

  • #17575 Good Antique Ningbo Style Medium Size Ju Wood Tea Chest

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture ...



    Good Antique Ningbo Style Medium Size Ju Wood Tea Chest with good subtle workmanship and lines; with good original old brass fittings with nice patina on the brass. Late 19th to early 20th century. Such cabinet was placed in between two large armchairs and used for serving tea while having conversation. Refinished recently to perfection. Great as a bedside cabinet to put a nice lamp, a book, and a tea or coffee mug on! Dimensions: 30" L x 32 3/8" H x 21 1/4" D

  • #17937 Good Antique Small One-Drawer Northern Kang Table

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture Tea Table and Low Table ...



    Good Antique Small One-Drawer Northern Kang Table made of northern elm in original good condition with pleasing wood patina, constructed in all rounded edges. It has a nice antique Chinese coin on the metal drawer pull. 19th century. "Kang" is type of Chinese bed platform often made of bricks with hollow space underneath for burning coals or wood for heating at winter time during the cold weather as there was no electricity at old time. Furniture piece that is used on a Kang bed or by the Kang bed is often called a Kang table, a Kang cabinet, etc. This small low Kang table might have been used for writing, eating, reading, or drinking tea! Dimensions: 22 14/" L x 15 1/4" W x 11 1/2" H

  • #15817 Unusual Antique Bedding Cabinet with Excellent Metal Fitting and Old Color Pigment

    Small Cabinet and Chest



    Unusual Antique Bedding Cabinet with Excellent Metal Fitting and Old Color Pigment. The original old iron fitting includes a rare Buddhist's "Wan" symbol motif in openwork. The old red color pigment has faded, nevertheless, quite charming. it has a lift style door that opens to a wide empty space inside for storing blankets and bedding. It is hard to say if such cabinet came from northern China or Korea, but likely from the northern border near Korea as it carries the similar look and function as a Korean bedding or blanket cabinet. There are stenciled "Double-Happiness" characters on the faded lacquer surface. In original unfinished condition. This beautiful cabinet or chest with its unique dimensions makes a useful table or stand for an entryway or other spaces that require a furniture piece that is not too high or too deep. Dimensions: 32" L x 16 1/2" W x 23" H

  • #15590 Good Antique Northern Bank Chest with Old Brass Fitting and Original Lacquer

    Small Cabinet and Chest



    Antique northern Chinese bank chest with a lifting style door on the top with a storage compartment inside. The lower body is fitted with two doors; with old brass fitting and original red- brown color lacquer and finished in French Polish with tree lacquer. Over 100 years old. 34 1/2"w x 21 1/2"d x 33 1/4"h

  • #14820 Unusual Antique Table Top Dressing Cabinet

    Small Cabinet and Chest



    This unusual small antique cabinet style dressing table has a mirror holder at the open space on top. It has two drawers and two doors underneath for storing jewelry and personal cosmetic items. It has beautiful old circular brass plates as well as the original dark brown lacquer. The front is painted on two sides with vase and flower branch inside the vase. The open space inside is also painted with a large flowering branch. It is in deed an unusual one-of-a-kind useful and collectible piece. 19th century. Vase with flower is a common Chinese art motif. It signifies the "peace or harmony" as the pronunciation of the word for "vase" is the same as that of the "peace" or "harmony". Dimensions: 20 1/2"w x 10"d x 21"h

  • #6530 Pair of Rare Medium Size Antique Early Style 18th Century Wan-Li Cabinets

    Small Cabinet and Chest



    Pair of rare antique 18th century Wan-Li style medium size cabinets with original thick black lacquer and old white-brass fittings; carved with dragon motif. The inside of the cabinets are lined with the original old lacquer. This pair of cabinets with a narrower depth makes it easy to fit in any space where quality and presentation matter. French Polish finish over the original black lacquer. Dimensions: 32"w x 16"d x 45"h.

  • #12393 Large Size Antique Shanxi Book Chest with Exceptional Paintings

    Small Cabinet and Chest



    Large size antique Shanxi painted lacquer book chest with very fine and elaborate original paintings painted with gilt and beautiful organic color pigment from the mineral and plant source. The landscapes consist of river and layers of pavilions leading to the distant mountains with groups of figures in activities at the front and the middle part of the paintings. Repairs on the lacquer. 19th century. Dimensions: 18 5/8"h x 34 3/4"w x 22 1/4"d

  • #13255 A Rare Antique Merchant's Storage Bank Chest with Calligraphy and Drawers

    Small Cabinet and Chest



    A rare and interesting antique merchant's storage bank chest made of Chinese walnut hardwood with original lacquer and calligraphy "Ten Thousand Yellow Gold"; with two drawers and a slat inside. Please note the construction of this piece is a small desk on top of a storage bin to allow the owner of the chest to write on the top while using the bottom section for storage. A truly uniqque piece! Dimensions: 21 3/4"w x 11 1/2"d x 22 1/4"h

  • #13691 Antique Street Vendor's Tool Chest with Bellow

    Small Cabinet and Chest Decorative & Collectibles Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique street vendor's tool chest with bellow and carrying bamboo handles. Such tool chest was used for selling food while moving from neighborhood to neighborhood. The compartments under the liftable door on top was for storing change such as coins. The tools such as a pair of stirrups, scissors, etc. would be stored in the drawer. A vendor would tie a small clay stove with coals in it and any other neccessary small equipments or dishes and bowls, etc. onto the top of the chest. The metal loop on the top is for hanging a small metal gong which the vendor used for alarming clients of his arrival. Upon hearing his gong, children, women, or older people will run out to buy the food from the vendor, usually something like pre-cooked tea eggs, fish cakes, fried crispy fermented tofu, baked sweet potato, etc. as each vendor had his own specialty. The stove and coals were used to keep the food warm while the bellow below was used for pumping more air to keep the coals burning. This rustic piece is in its unfinished original condition. Gong is not included. 19th century. Dimensions: 16"w x 7 3/4"d x 37 1/2"h ( This item is shown on our home page “SPECIALS” )

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