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#13692 Pair of 18th Century Corbel Carvings of Two He-He Immortals

A pair of antique Chinese architectural corbel carvings of two “He-He Immortals”: one holds a lotus flower stem (with a large bat in front of the figure), the other holds a round treasure box with a coin (with a crane in front looking back to the figure). The pronunciations for the “lotus” and the “box” are the same. The “lotus” represents “being cordial” or “matched”, and the “box” represents “harmony”. The box can also represents wealth. These two immortals together represent and honor the harmonious relationship in a marriage, friendship, or within a family. The two immortals are often painted as two happy, smiling young boys or two rugged- hair looking, happy, smiling monks. Some said they were two monks from Tang Dynasty called “Han-Shan” and “Shi-De”.

A pair of corbel carvings were often used under the two corners of a entrance or a door, serving as strengthening supports for the frame as well as decoration.

Dimensions: 16 1/2"w x 3"d x 27"h

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