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#13048 Set of Three 17th to 18th Century Carved Architectural Fragments

This set of three antique Chinese carved architectural fragments came from a larger set of antique Chinese tall screen doors or windows as the decorative sections for the screens. Carvings on the old Chinese woodwork associated with living space, building, furniture, or utilitarian pieces often contain wonderful auspicious motifs to bless the users, showing human's wish and a culture seeking a harmonious and safe living environment that brings prosperity to the generations.

On the top panel, in the middle, one sees a vase, on a banana leaf, with a traditional form, storing a scroll, a branch, and a holder carved with a bird head with a hanging that looks like the instrument Qing. On the right side is a frog or toad carved with cloud pattern perching on a board and looking back. At he very far right is a round container with a stir in it. On the left side of the panel, there is another vase in the form of a peony flower set on a stand with tall hoofed feet, holding a flowering branch. All the carved objects are framed in a scroll shaped border with a simplified dragon design. All the above is carved in the relieved style.

The middle panel contains a carved rabbit looking back with an Yin- Yang motif, while, on the right, a round box and a stemming branch of lotus flower buds are carved. Both of the round box and the lotus flower stem are objects carried by the two He- He Immortals, two young male Immortals, that signify harmony and peace. The legendary rabbit is associated with female Immortal Chang-Er who was punished to stay on the moon, with the pet rabbit's company, to forever grind and make the Longevity medicine Don- Sha. All are part of the famous Daoist's mythology and stories.

At the bottom panel, a dog- like Fu- lion or Qilin is presented on a stylized square stand, looking back as well. On the right, a bonsai planter with stand or feet is planted with bamboo plant and placed along with another vase that holds a symbol that looks like a coin. To the left, a beautiful incense burner on a footed stand is carved in nice detail with hanging rings on the two ears, holding a leafy plant. Next to it, is a small container with an ice-ray or cracked- ice pattern also with a stir inside the container.

Many of the carvings we found on the Chinese wood work, whether furniture pieces or architectural fragments, particularly on the architectural fragments, offer many insights as to how people lived, their philosophical views or wishes towards life, and even the objects they used or lived in. They offer rich resources for research in art and culture as well as important philosophical concepts and bring great beauty to the generations and beyond.

Dimensions for each panel: 18 1/8"w x 1/2"d x 7 1/8". Outside frames are new.

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