#11738 Excellent Antique gilt-Painted Sheep Skin Leather Trunk

Excellent antique gilt-painted sheepskin leather trunk. This trunk is one of the best with the original gilt painting on both the inside and the outside of the trunk. The outside of the trunk is painted on all sides with a full landscape, pavillians, figures and boats on the top of the trunk that has faded. The inside of the trunk is painted with the original red lacquer and gilt painting of river, bridge, and court figures, all in excellent condition.

Sheep skin is a much thicker and harder material to work with than the pigskin. Old sheep skin trunks, especially the ones with appliqued leather techniques are rarer as few factories remain in working with this material and technique today.

Dimensions: 26"w x 18 1/2"d x 10 1/4"h
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