#17937 Good Antique Small One-Drawer Northern Kang Table

Good Antique Small One-Drawer Northern Kang Table made of northern elm in original good condition with pleasing wood patina, constructed in all rounded edges. It has a nice antique Chinese coin on the metal drawer pull. 19th century.

"Kang" is type of Chinese bed platform often made of bricks with hollow space underneath for burning coals or wood for heating at winter time during the cold weather as there was no electricity at old time. Furniture piece that is used on a Kang bed or by the Kang bed is often called a Kang table, a Kang cabinet, etc. This small low Kang table might have been used for writing, eating, reading, or drinking tea!

Dimensions: 22 14/" L x 15 1/4" W x 11 1/2" H
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