#18411 Antique Ningbo Carrying Style Two-Door Chest with Bone Inlay on Hardwood Doors

Antique Carrying Style Two-Door Chest with Lovely Bone Inlay in flower motif on the Hardwood Doors. There are two metal handles on the sides of the chest. This is somewhat of an unusual style for this type of furniture coming from Ningbo area as you see this type of inlay work on hardwood doors more commonly on cabinets and beds rather than a chest with carrying handles. Furniture with bone inlay work on hardwood surface, most on Hong-Mu, is a local characteristic of woodwork in Ningbo area. while bone-inlay is not usually as refine and detailed as other inlaid work on yellow boxwood, ivory, jade, etc. because the harder and more porous nature of the material, one can still enjoy the folk quality of the work with a different style and flavor that is direct, sometimes naive, and often very alive and moving in nature. The fitting on the doors have been replaced.

Dimensions: 19 1/8" H x 30 1/8" L x 16 1/4" W
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