#AMB-01 Rare Antique Larger Size Amber Toggle with Liu-Hai

AMB-01(明或清琥珀制劉海戲金蟾佩飾)This beautiful hand carved larger size antique Chinese toggle made of amber (Hu-Po, 琥珀) is about a size of a small palm. The subject matter is Liu-Hai(劉海)with his three-legged pet toad (蟾, toad, pronounced Chan)that is a symbol of wealth. One can see the wonderful workmanship and the natural variation of the beautiful colors of amber of the piece.

“Liu-Hai Teasing A Pet Toad (劉海戲金蟾)”is a popular subject in Chinese art. The origin of the figure Liu-Hai is not known, but many thought it derived from Daoism. Whether he was a real human figure from the Five Dynasties or an immortalized figure in Chinese mythology, it all seemed to have come down to his escaping the political ruling at the time and choosing to become a hermit to devote his life to the Daoist's practice until he became a Daoist Immortal. The toad was a magical creature in mythology, who processed special super- natural power and was eventually tamed by Liu-Hai and became Liu-Hai's riding pet. The subject of Liu-Hai and Three-Legged Toad often is painted or done with a string of Chinese coins. Ats modern day, some businesses or stores place a golden Three-Legged Toad at the entrance to welcome the prosperity.

The dimensions of this piece is 3” L x 1 7/8” W x 1” D.

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