#ART-003 An Ancient Handmade Iron Pot with Qian-Long Mark

This large size beautiful iron pot with a great texture and a beautiful design was made in traditional style in separate sections before being welded together. The top, made in six separate sections, nears the thick rim carries a key design and other patterns while the bottom part, also made in six sections, has a wave design and various other patterns.

The larger middle which was also made in six separate panels containing mostly floral design with one panel designated for characters such as "Qing Dynasty Qian-Long Fifty-Six Years (大清乾隆五十六年)“ and ”welded on September ? (九月?日鑄)“ and another panel with characters for location where it was made (樓院綘州北關金火匠) in ancient character and the names of the three metalsmiths.

The body of the pot has two carrying handles with loops. The whole pot with a heavy weight is supported by three feet each with an animal head or a deity face.

The usage of the pot is unknown.

Dimensions: 31"H x 32"W x 37"D (including the handles)

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