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#1470 Rare Antique Oval Iron Tub with Floral Design

Authentic antique oval shape iron tub with beautiful floral pattern, perfect for a patio or a garden setting. Offered in as is condition with some rusted cracks and small holes. Chinese iron work has a long tradition. It is an art trade passed down since ancient time with few masters or skillful craftsmen remains today. During the ancient time, this profession was mainly passed down from the master to the pupil in an unspoken form where the master concentrated in performing this skill in a highly heated room without splitting the concentration of the mind from speaking while the pupil handed the tools and helped the master and learned by watching carefully rather than being taught in language at the time of working. These antique iron pots were made for different purposes with some to keep burning fire at the temples or monastery as well as made for storing the water for the animal drinking, and possibly some other purposes. This item is now among the priority lists of the Cultural Relics forbidden to ship out of China. Occasionally, reproduced pieces can be found.

Age: 150-300 years old

Finish: Rustic

Dimensions: 37.25'' x 21'' x 16''

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