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#17010 Pair of Very Long Antique Carved Duei-Lian Wooden Couplets with Calligraphy Poem

This is a pair of very long antique hand-carved Duei-Lian Wooden Couplets with Calligraphy Poem for hanging on the walls. The origin of these phrases are unknown, although many known poets from Tang and Song and other dynasties have written many beautiful poems using plum blossoms and other natural objects in the scenery to express lyrical moments embedded with one's feeling for life, career, and the greater outer political environment. The calligraphy on these vertical plaques shows a spatial relationship between the viewer and the landscape in front of the viewer where one indulged in the beautiful scenery/ landscape with the sound of the birds and the few blossoming plum trees that stood out on a winter scenery. These objects and sounds brought one further into a fascinating world where one's spiritual self could engage with the scenery through these objects and sounds and became one with the nature. There are some minor scratches and fading on the plaques.

Dimensions for each plaque with the hanger are approximately 73" L x 6 1/4" W x 7/8" D.


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