#13965 Pair of Rare Antique Scholar's Hardwood Stands with Burl Wood Top

This pair of smaller size very rare antique Chinese scholar's hardwood stands with burl wood top has a delicate look yet is well built. This pair of elegant stands has nice detailed carved lines along the frame and and is constructed with the key style supports and bottom stretchers as well as the elegant slightly inward tapered legs. The wood has the original beautiful patina with dark purple red hue shining through the dust. Some of the key shaped spandrels have been repaired and replaced. Although these stands can be used for small potted flowers or bonzai, they might have been used for displaying smaller precious art objects such as incense burners or small landscape rocks. The burl wood on the top of the stands have been repaired or replaced as well. These stands are made of rare exotic dense hardwood, possibly Zitan. Old Chinese art objects and furniture pieces in pairs are much more sought after by than the singular ones by the collectors for Chinese art when the objects were created as pairs. These stands are from the Qing Dynasty.

Dimensions (each): 11 1/2"w x 11 1/2"d x 24"h
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