#13410 Antique Bamboo Round Shape Low Table with Old Lacquer

Excellent antique cane-wrapped style bamboo round low table with old lacquer finish; made of Guei-Fei spotted bamboo. The whole table was constructed and joint together with bamboo pegs as well as knotted bamboo. French Polish finish over the beautiful original lacquer and patina. 19th century.

Old bamboo furniture is much rarer than the wood furniture as few have survived. The joinery on bamboo furniture can be very enticing because it partly imitates the joinery on the wood furniture, yet it also has its own unique way of constructing pieces together by bending, fitting, or binding with thin woven bamboo ropes in different ways.

In Chinese art and culture, objects made of bamboo are highly praised and sought after also because bamboo is a symbol of spirituality . It represents the un-breakable and high virtue and has been for centuries used by scholars and artists in paintings, poems, and proses to express one's pursuit in high morality and fine taste.

Dimensions: 24 3/4"w x 12 1/2"h
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