#12824 Rare Qing Dynasty Hardwood Low Table with Old Marble "Dream Stone"

12824 (清代寧波式花梨木帶雲石小炕几) This antique Chinese low table/ Kang table (炕几)from Qing Dynasty is made of Huali hardwood (花梨)and inlaid with a thick marble top that has a natural grain pattern in the stone like that of a sea with strong currents or waves with a single bird standing above the water. Such Chinese stone with natural grain pattern, rather than painted or made by man, resembling natural scenery or object is often called “dream stone (雲石)” and is favored and sought after by many collectors for Chinese art. The natural pattern on this stone is unique and poetic. It conveys a solitary and poetic feeling like that many Chinese poets and painters tried to portray in their work for centuries. It represents a spiritual pursuit and engagement.
This table came from Ningbo (寧波)area in China. The stylized carved bat with extended wings is often seen on old Ningbo tea tables, cabinets, and other woodwork from the area. This one is also carved with auspicious clouds next to the Longevity and Good-Luck bat. Huali wood is among types of lighter color Chinese hardwood often found in furniture made in Ningbo, be it constructed entirely or partially with Huali wood. It is also used a lot for inlaid work as the background wood like Hong-Mu (红木).

Dimensions: 12"h x 25 3/8"w x 14 7/8"d
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