#12206 Rare Ming Style Antique Zhar-Zheng Hardwood Tea Table

This beautiful Ming style old tea table with excellent design is made of rare Zhar-Zheng hardwood. It has great proportion as well as a simple and eye-pleasing style. One feet is repaired. Possibly 17-18th century.

Zhar-Zheng wood might have originated from nearby Shanghai area as it was highly regarded by the trade in the area. This wood is very dense and has a grayish tone with some light stripes. When polished, instead of applying lacquer or wax to the surface, the wood glows like a smooth shining pebble and is very beautiful. Old furniture peices made of Zhar-Zheng wood are very rare with most pieces dated to late Ming to mid Qing period. One might still be able to find some reproduced pieces if not the old pieces.

Dimensions: 15 1/2"w x 11"d x 31"h
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