#4747 Rare 17-18th Century Kang Table with Carved Dragon Motif

17-18th Century narrow Kang Table with carved early style dragon motif and original reddish brown lacquer finish. Similar style carved dragon can be seen on other Ming style older furniture pieces and architectural carvings from the 17-18th century. This one is great for its elegant proportion, carved early motif, and the original lacquer-it has it all!

Kang is a hollowed Chinese bed platform made of bricks or cement often used in Northewrn China or in colder weather, especially duirng the old days when there was no electricity. To stay warm, one builds fire underneath the hollow bed. Since it might be the only place in the house that is heated, the bed is often built bigger than a normal bed and hence serves as an area for activities besides sleeping during the winter. Any furniture pieces that are used on top of a Kang bed, such as a low table, or by a Kang bed is called a Kang table or a Kang cabinet, etc.

Dimensions:31"W x 11"D x 10 1/2"H
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