#15801 A Pair of 18th Century Ju Wood Tall Stands

(一對清中早期櫸木四平帶屜高花几)Here's a pair of very handsome Ju wood flower stands with a drawer and a middle shelf. The aged wood on this pair of stands feels almost denser and harder like that of the early Qing and Ming Ju wood furniture pieces often would feel, and also with much larger grain with the wood cuts from trees that were many hundred years old. This is one example of how during that earlier period the furniture makers were very selective in using and choosing the best quality cuts of wood to make good furniture pieces. This older Ju wood has a subtle red hue.
These stands are beautifully proportioned, created with all the sides with joinery flushed in a flat style (四平) to keep its design simple and subtle, with spandrels subtly recessed away from the surface of the table frame on all four sides as well. These seemingly more elaborate spandrels form two interesting empty spaces on each side of the table with a zigzagged pattern which gives the otherwise might be more plain shape a sense of rhythms. Some of these spandrels have been replaced.

Aesthetics on art objects though often are subjective, rather than conforming to a concept, one can understand the essence of a piece by studying its make, elements of the piece, and the visual appeal of the piece, among others, which together can create an experience of appreciation and understanding towards the art itself, thus, building a more profound experience when appreciating the piece.
Dimensions for each stand measures approximately 13” L x 9” W x 34 1/2” H.
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