#8457 Ex-Large Wood Trunk with Thick Black Lacquer

This beautiful large trunk from the North has an original thick black lacquer and rare large size old brass plates carved in Ru-Yi (To-Your-Wish) pattern; 150-250 years old. Old Chinese trunks like this one with massive size old brass plates and very thick original black lacquer are rare. Some of this type of older Northern trunks, especially the ones from the late Ming to Early Ching Dynasty are sometimes joined at at all sides with tiny little wood pegs that are thinner than .2 cm and sometimes infused with the same thin size metal pegs among the wood pegs. This intricate locking joinery system allows the trunk the best ever secured structure that never falls apart on the joined corners.

Dimensions: 36"w x 23 1/2"d x 25"h.
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