#1483 Very Rare 20th Century Vintage Coco-Fiber Woven Suitcase

Coco-fiber plays an integral female role in antique Chinese furnishing, mainly, as the underneath supports for the soft rattan seats in older style Chinese beds, chairs, and benches. Woven together with an incredible weight-bearing net, these fibers sustained more weight-bearing than they visually seemed able to. In found older Chinese furniture pieces with a rattan seat, sometimes one finds a completely broken rattan seat with a perfectly still strong and usable woven coco-fiber net underneath. There are few old Chinese objects made of woven coco-fiber can be found other than objects mentioned above. The patterns on this suitcase include woven calligraphy that is either the name of the owner of this suitcase or a geographical name that suggests where this trunk/suitcase might have come from. Age: 70-100 years old. Finish: Natural

Dimensions: 32.5" x 19.75" x 13"
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